+40% on conversions, -35% on returns. Affordable and effective 3D technology in the furniture business

3D technology in e-com is bringing companies amazing results, but despite this, it is still rarely used. There is an opinion that it is complicated, time-consuming and expensive. Using the example of the furniture business, we explain why this is not the case.

How 3D technology helps businesses increase sales and improve conversions

There are more and more successful cases with the use of 3D technologies in e-commerce. The use of visualizations and interactive AR and VR widgets helps furniture businesses reduce the number of returns, increase engagement, and increase sales online. Here are two interesting examples:

Dutch brand fatboy, known for its furniture in the form of giant cushions, and Swedish IKEA integrated visualization and AR-widgets that allow you "try on" 3D models of furniture and decor in your interior before buying.

The interactive capabilities of the IKEA Place app brought the company a 43% increase in online sales, and the engagement of the fatboy audience who tried the augmented reality masks on Snapchat was 3000% higher compared to other channels.

Ikea Place
FATBOY Snap Lenses

Interactive product presentation, whether it's a smartphone or a baby stroller, sneakers or a desk lamp, guarantees increased conversions. This is confirmed by Svyaznoy's A/B testing: adding a 3D overview to a product card provided a tangible 7% increase in conversions, and the best results were for products in the above-average segment.
However, due to the lack of quick and easy tools for creating 3D in online stores is still a rarity.

There are several companies on the Russian market that offer businesses effective and easy-to-use 3D solutions.
We at Immersivo, one of these companies, have recently finished working on a new product - an online configurator.

3D Configurator - convenient for customers and useful for business

The 3D Configurator from Immersivo takes the fear of 3D technology out of the furniture business, making the process of its integration clear and fast. The new development combines three Immersivo products: 3D modeling, augmented reality widget, and visualization.

The ability to look at a product from all angles, interact with it, change color and consider texture gives the customer a comprehensive view of the product and its functionality and generally makes online shopping more fun and easier.

For manufacturers, the benefits of implementing the configurator are even greater:

  • Uniqueness. The technology has no analogues on the Russian market, which means there is every chance to surprise customers, making their experience truly unique.
  • Efficiency. Conversion from viewing the product card to purchase increases by up to 40%.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Creating a 3D model of an object or "blending" it into the interior is actually cheaper than ordering a professional shooting. And certainly faster.
  • Versatility. The configurator integrates into any product card and works on smartphones, tablets and desktops.
  • Autonomy. The consultant can demonstrate a product that is out of stock on any device. A useful function for showrooms and exhibitions.

How the Configurator Works

The Configurator functionality allows manufacturers to show their products in every detail:

  • The model can be zoomed in 5 times to get a closer look at the material and details of the product.

  • To assess the functionality of a product, such as a sofa, its 3D model can be folded and unfolded.

  • The configurator allows you to switch between modes. First you can get acquainted with the 360 3D model, then imagine it in an "ideal" three-dimensional interior and then use AR to "try it on" in your home.

  • In the widget you can add several products at once - it is convenient and useful when there are similar products.

The effectiveness of using 3D models, visualizations and AR is higher when they are applied together

The configurator makes the customer experience truly memorable and improves several marketing metrics at once: from engagement to fewer returns. Therefore, the results from its integration will be more impressive than from the use of 3D tools separately from each other.

Learn more about the Configurator and order integration here.

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